Rating: * ( 1 out of 5)
Year: 1981

Plot: It’s a new take on the traditional werewolf mythology… Indians and wolves enjoyed a symbiotic utopia of tens of thousands of years, and then the white man came and started killing everything in sight. Some of the survivors of the genocide became a species of uber wolf (Wolfen) that inhabit American cities and thins the pack of human undesirables. And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that laconic detective and his hip-hop sidekick (played by Edward James Olmos).

Review: An interesting idea that goes nowhere. For the first five minutes or so, I thought that I was in for an eerie, carefully executed thriller. I was wrong. The ‘killer’s eye view’ effect is simply regular film stock presented in negatives. It’s overused and quickly becomes annoying. Painstakingly and painfully slow pacing drags the movie to a crawl from the beginning. The cop’s relationship with the police department is nonsensical at best… as is his relationship with reality.

Notable scene: For the first 10 minutes of the A plot, the protagonist talks with food in his mouth. Why?
Gore :         Buckets
Sex/Nudity: Nipples
(mostly of the full-frontal male cadaver variety)
Scariness:   Screams
Campiness: Donald Pleasances
Creepiness: Cellar Doors

Munchy Suggestion: Super size Sonic Tots with chili, cheese, bacon, ranch and onions.
For More: Information than you require about the flick, look here: Wiki or here: IMDB.

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