Rating: ***.5 ( 3 and a half out of 5)
Year: 1980

Review: Creepy. Weird. Bizarre. The movie opens on this horrifying milieu of pre-teen, incestuous voyeurism and and bondage. As any young lady with a head on her shoulders would do, the little daughter stabs daddy to death. It’s the kind of unsettling thing that makes the viewer think, “Jesus Christ! Where is this going next?” It’s a good thing too, because the next half hour is slow enough to be just boring without that added edgyness. Keep your guard up though! You’ll have to navigate through a HEAVILY EMPHASIZED mirrors theme, a killer glass slippers, a haunted eye-patch, and an exorcism. Good watch – gritty and nostalgic.

Notable scene: Do you constantly struggle to think of a way to combine the activities of making-out and prepping shish kabobs? After watching this movie, you won’t have to!
Gore:           Buckets
Sex/Nudity: Nipples
Scariness:    Screams
Campiness:  Donald Pleasances
Creepiness:  Cellar Doors

Munchy Suggestion: A big bowl of Mayo, pickle, smoke-flavoring, pepper, and tuna (sounds a lot more gross in that order, doesn’t it?)
For More: Information than you require about the flick, look here: Wiki or here: IMDB.

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