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Rating: ***.5 (3 and a half out of five)
Year: 1991

Plot: A young boy from the ghetto named Fool gets dragged along to a burglary by his mom’s boyfriend (Ving Rhames). He’s heard that there’s gold there! The house is very well guarded by pit bulls and crazy inbred freaks. The burglars quickly die and Fool is left to fend for himself and try to escape. He runs into a young captive girl (Rayanne from My So-Called Life) and decides to try to get her out too. Apparently, being caught by the homeowners and held captive is a pretty common occurrence, cause there are about 20 people who live in the basement, and it looks like they’ve been there a long time. Can they all find a way to work together? I’d imagine so… otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have named the movie after them.

Review: You really can’t go wrong watching a Wes Craven horror movie. He has a sixth sense on how to creep you out. The idea isn’t all that original… it’s pretty much Texas Chainsaw Massacre set in the inner city with a kid as the hero, but it is executed very well. The homeowners are creepy as hell, and they do a good job of implying horrific acts and pasts without going through the painful experience of showing them to us.

Notable scene: Remember when that kid turned into McGuyver? That was awesome.
Gore :            Buckets
Sex/Nudity: Nipples
Scariness:    Screams
Campiness: Donald Pleasances
Creepiness: Cellar Doors
Munchy Suggestion: Tostitos Scoops with spinach dip.
For More: Information than you require about the flick, look here: Wiki or here: IMDB.

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