A pulpy mess of flesh dangling off a jagged tooth… the silhouette of a madman outside your window… the discordant yelp of high strings that indicate impending decapitation… completely unwarranted and gratuitous boob-shots.

These are but a handful of the many handfuls of reasons that you may consider yourself a horror movie junkie. I certainly do. Since my first pre-pubescent, emotionally-scarring viewing of Nightmare on Elm Street, I’ve been hooked. I love the blood and guts, the hammy acting, the chills that occasionally tickle my spine, and, of course,  the T and A. And after working in video stores for years, I’ve gotten to the point where I can modestly call myself an aficionado on the subject.

About 5 years ago I started a tradition: every night during the month of October I watch a different horror movie – usually one I’ve never seen before. It occurred to me that I might put all this tube time to good use by writing up some reviews and rating what I watch. As a Halloween fanatic, I find that my nightly dose of doom and gloom serves as great foreplay for the big night. Feel free to use this listing as a schedule for your very own 31 Nights of Horror, and don’t be shy to make your own comments after viewing the movies.

A couple quick notes – I didn’t screen the reviews for *spoilers*, so if you are going to follow this schedule for your own month-long marathon, you may want to watch first and read the review afterward. Also, I left the bombs in along with the gems. As any true horror fan will tell you, slogging through practically unwatchable movies is half the fun! If nothing else, I surely enjoyed blasting them in my reviews, and anyone out there who actually uses this page is highly encouraged to leave vitriolic diatribes of their own in the comments!